Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Whole Foods Plant Based Diet.....Where do I start

No I do not need to lose any weight or go on a traditional diet...I don't have any health issues....but I stumbled upon this whole foods plant based diet thing, and I'm really curious and interested in it.

What is a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet?? From here out I'm calling it WFPD, it's just easier, anyway, go watch, or read "Forks over Knives" Forks over Knives homepage , and you'll be able to get the jest of it. It basically says improve your health by eating only whole plant based foods, without dairy, eggs, and animal meats. I already have a household member(s) who are allergic/sensitive to dairy and eggs, so this isn't very hard for me to adjust to.....I'll miss my steak...but hey If it means my arteries will be "clearer" then I guess it's worth a try. --If you watch the movie it shows a blockage being pulled out, and it gives me the ickies---Now I'm not saying this WFPD eating style is for everyone, or like it's the best thing ever, I'm just interested in it.

So here are some websites, because you have to do research before you try anything, and since I'm a nursing mother, and I believe myself to be fairly normal and intelligent (most of the time), I know that you just don't go and radically alter your eating habits in one day. My parents ate/eat "hippie food" and growing up I disliked it, and I don't know why, I mean not like they didn't have good intentions...they were only trying to save my life, who wouldn't be grateful..umm..yeah..I just wanted my chocolate chip cookies, greasy pizza, potato chips, and soda.

There are more websites, so look around, and feel free to send me "research"

Going to the Grocery Store

Let me tell you how fun it was to go to the grocery store, at lunchtime with two kids and a baby.....all I can say is we survived and thank you to the nice young lady who helped me out to the car (they always ask, and I always say no, but it was a yes kind of day). I did a mix of organic/regular foods. I'll give you the rundown of what I bought later, I'm nursing the baby and it's like way to early to be up for good right now. But I think I can work on this WFPB thing. It doesn't seem so bad...
To Be Continued.......

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