Monday, July 9, 2012

Whole Foods Plant Based Diet - What am I going to eat today?

So the big question everyday is, "What am I going to eat?" I must say for as small as I am you would think I eat like a little bird, but no no, that is not the case. I love food. I mean I'm not super adventurous with my food choices, but if someone told me I couldn't eat I think I'd cry. (I actually did have a mini meltdown when I was told I had GD with my first pregnancy. I mean come on, you do not tell a pregnant women that she has to watch what she eats...especially a women who was craving ice cream 24/7)

On this new "lifestyle change" I can still have a bowl of cereal, or just has to be cereal that isn't loaded with sugar and the waffles need to be less processed.
One example of a great hot breakfast that I really am enjoying is oatmeal. Who knew oatmeal was so good for your body, and that it can actually taste good, if you put yummies into it.

Hot oatmeal
Mix in:
nuts, berries, and milled flax seed
Drink with:
Orange juice and non-dairy milk

I cheated today and had a "fake" chicken patty, on a whole-wheat bun, with spinach, sliced tomato, and humus.
For my side I had carrot sticks
My drink of choice is water

Bananas, apples, chips & salsa

My cheat:
Today's cheat was chocolate pudding (made with soy milk, but still, the sugar probably isn't the best for me, but hey I need chocolate)

Pasta with red spaghetti sauce and vegetables
slice of whole wheat bread - with a sliver of real butter (I know I know)
glass of soy milk

I know that this meal is not a complete meal, but that is okay. I am still learning. I take a multivitamin, and I know that I'm eating better than before, and moving forward is way better than snack cakes, white bread, hot dogs, and extra cheese pizza. One meal at a time!

New favorite recipe and informational blogs:
Oh She Glows

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cloth Funk...eww

What is that smell?? It smells like dirty barn mixed with nastiness.....

That my friends is what you get when you think your cloth diapers are clean, but in fact they are not. Really? Yes, the amount of detergent you have been using, or the ratio of water in the washer to the detergent may not be correct. But how can this be?! Based on many hours of scientific, aka blog reading, I thought I had it figured out.

Thanks to my mommy friends' suggestions I decided to change one variable of my wash routine, the detergent. I switched to Eco Nuts and I love them. Now, I love them because they work for me, and my water, and my washing machine, that does not mean they work for everyone.

This is my wash routine: I wash about every other day
About 13 diapers (mix of flour sack towels, prefolds, MF inserts, and Grovia soakers/3 or 4 covers/wetbag)
Large/Cold water/no detergent/max time reg. cycle
Large/Warm water/5 Eco Nuts- in their pouch/max time perm. press cycle - that has a second spin cycle included (NOTE: make sure you take the little pouch of Eco Nuts out of the washer when the cycle is done, they can sometimes "bleed" if left to sit--Aww you mean I can't start a load and go to bed....)
Dry on the line, or in the dryer with wool dryer balls and No dryer sheets

Don't go crazy trying to figure out what detergent you have to use. Remember, avoid super hot water, and super high heat, pick a detergent that is gentle and try to avoid optical brighteners (even Tide will do....gasp!), and good luck!

Check them out here: Eco Nuts

Read more about washing cloth diapers here: How to Wash Cloth Diapers
Some Cloth Diaper Detergents here: Detergent List
About Laundry Additives here: Laundry Additives

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Whole Foods Plant Based diet...Groceries

So the grocery store, here's what I got, remember, I'm not perfect and I'm tip-toeing into this, not diving head first. I also bought a variety of organic and reg. items. Until I can gather more research, or until I feel more comfortable with my purchasing abilities, and until we have access to an organic health food store that doesn't cost an arm and a leg - it's what I've got to do. If possible I did try to get unsweetened/plain/no salt varieties.

Here's a basic list:
corn - fresh, frozen, canned 
mushrooms - white, portabella
tomatoes - fresh, canned, juice
potatoes - reg, sweet
red, yellow, green onions
red, yellow, green peppers
spinach - fresh, frozen
turnip greens
mustard greens
lemon juice
sprout/spelt bread
whole wheat buns
whole wheat bagels
brown rice
wild rice
whole wheat pasta
orzo, alphabet noodles
spaghetti sauce
vegetable broth
pizza dough
beans - black, butter, kidney, chick peas, black-eyed peas- canned - will try fresh soon
natural peanut butter
milled flax seed
extra firm tofu
soy milk
rice milk
Boca burgers/Morningstar burgers - check ingredients - some have eggs and milk
Van's brand waffles
Enjoy life brand choc. brownie cookies - I was starving and these are delicious

As you can see there's a lot of food, and it didn't cost as much as I thought it would. I actually found a good amount of "cheap" produce and fruits at Aldi. Who knew....

New site I found for recipes/info: Savvy Vegetarian

Next time I'll go over what I had to eat in a day....and yes...I cheated....I'm far from perfect and I love junk food!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Whole Foods Plant Based Diet.....Where do I start

No I do not need to lose any weight or go on a traditional diet...I don't have any health issues....but I stumbled upon this whole foods plant based diet thing, and I'm really curious and interested in it.

What is a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet?? From here out I'm calling it WFPD, it's just easier, anyway, go watch, or read "Forks over Knives" Forks over Knives homepage , and you'll be able to get the jest of it. It basically says improve your health by eating only whole plant based foods, without dairy, eggs, and animal meats. I already have a household member(s) who are allergic/sensitive to dairy and eggs, so this isn't very hard for me to adjust to.....I'll miss my steak...but hey If it means my arteries will be "clearer" then I guess it's worth a try. --If you watch the movie it shows a blockage being pulled out, and it gives me the ickies---Now I'm not saying this WFPD eating style is for everyone, or like it's the best thing ever, I'm just interested in it.

So here are some websites, because you have to do research before you try anything, and since I'm a nursing mother, and I believe myself to be fairly normal and intelligent (most of the time), I know that you just don't go and radically alter your eating habits in one day. My parents ate/eat "hippie food" and growing up I disliked it, and I don't know why, I mean not like they didn't have good intentions...they were only trying to save my life, who wouldn't be grateful..umm..yeah..I just wanted my chocolate chip cookies, greasy pizza, potato chips, and soda.

There are more websites, so look around, and feel free to send me "research"

Going to the Grocery Store

Let me tell you how fun it was to go to the grocery store, at lunchtime with two kids and a baby.....all I can say is we survived and thank you to the nice young lady who helped me out to the car (they always ask, and I always say no, but it was a yes kind of day). I did a mix of organic/regular foods. I'll give you the rundown of what I bought later, I'm nursing the baby and it's like way to early to be up for good right now. But I think I can work on this WFPB thing. It doesn't seem so bad...
To Be Continued.......

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

TV or no TV?

There is always the parent who doesn't allow their child to watch television, none, at all. Are they onto something or are they "crazy?" Makes you go hmmm....... My honest opinion is always first, to each his/her own, and secondly, who cares what "they" do. Okay well, you understand what I'm getting at.

I will say that I believe:
-Too much TV is not a good thing because one can literally get "lost" in TV Land
-In setting TV/Computer/electronic rules and guidelines
-In monitoring what your child is watching...I caught my youngest on the "parent" side of Netflix watching South Park---gasp!! LOL - I don't even watch it, but she thought it was a cartoon. She almost balled because of the shock and aww in my voice!
- In allowing your children to watch age appropriate "educational" shows. Some children really do learn good things from shows, like Sesame Street.
-Having a variety of electronic outlets.

We also cannot completely shelter our children from the electronic age. Today a 3yr old knows how to work the computer...
Imagine if you will 2 children, one who is exposed to electronics in a healthy manner, and one who is not exposed. How will they interact with the world? Now, I am not saying that the child that is unexposed to electronics will not succeed. I am saying that they will succeed differently, and they will each have different strengths. Right?

Overall I think that it takes all of us to make the world go round, each of us (or our children), all have a unique and special way of interacting with the planet and with their peers.

What do you think? Does your 2 yr old watch Sponge bob? Does your 4 yr old surf the web?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Blog Hop Hop...Get Your Read On!

Another day, another great read. Check out some of the great information, tips, tricks, and giveaways on these blogs!! Much love and thanks to these sponsors!!
Mariah of Formula Mom

Friday, May 4, 2012

Tugs on your heart

Things that suck.....
When babies are taken to heaven
When you hear about children being abducted
People killing people
Bombings and raids
Hazing and bullies
Starvation and being homeless
Unemployment and depression
Suicide and disease
Bird Flu and global warming
       And being "Zombifyed"
I say to all this....I hope that the suffering and pain escapes your heart and soul as quickly as it arrived. Hugs and Smiles

Monday, April 30, 2012

Today's Allergy: Eggs

You have just been told that your child, or yourself, is allergic to eggs!! Don't panic.....First of all let me tell you that my 2nd child has several, several food allergies, or sensitivities. And now we believe that the baby has food allergies as well. And because I'm a nursing mama, I too now have foods that I can not eat. So what in the world can you eat, or do we eat, since we have to avoid so much. Believe me it is not as "hard" as you may think. There is hope and you will be amazed at the "substitutions" that are available.

Did you know that eggs are found in a lot of cake, certain noodles (which also includes soups, "spaghetti O's"), breads, donuts, french toast, waffles, ice creams, and of course any kind of egg breakfast casserole.

But did you also know that a simple substitution for an egg can be avocado, tofu, bananas, applesauce, flaxmeal, or gelatin, just to name a few. One example is: 3 Tbsp water + 1 Tbsp of cornstarch = 1 egg

So for breakfast you could try some semi-firm tofu, (trust me it's not as gross as it sounds, or looks, and it really takes on the flavor of whatever you mix with it - I once made eggrolls with super firm tofu instead of chicken and the guys never knew the difference) some bacon, and homemade home-fries. For lunch you could have a tuna sandwich made with mashed avocado instead of mayo. For dinner how about you use the cornstarch + H2O mixture for making breaded chicken. And for dessert a cake made with applesauce or black beans. I know it doesn't taste exactly the same, but hey it's still good and at least it won't give ya the poops!!!

Thank you Cook's Thesaurus
Cooks Thesaurus: Eggs

Who knew...The power of the sun

I've read on blogs and heard it from other mommas, but I actually never really believed that the sun would just magically erase poopy cloth diaper spots. So the other day I had my lovely husband hang two, not so pretty, cloth prefolds out on the line and I mean, it wasn't even sunny. And later, when he so graciously retrieved the diapers off the line....the spots were gone!!! I promise to take pictures next time, but who knew?!

Blog Hop Monday!!

A Big Thanks to The Not-So Secret Confessions of a First Time Mom, Luxury Living Frugal Style, and So Easy Being Green ...for hosting a Blog Hop!!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

All about the cloth

Cloth them, hate them, on the fence?!

I'm fairly new to cloth and I'll tell you straight up, there are things that aren't so enjoyable about them...but then just like motherhood, there are moments that make it all worth while. My mission is to bring you weekly posts about the good, and not so good trials of my cloth diapering days. What new products and accessories can we find, what's the latest cloth diaper news, and what giveaways are out there?!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm hungry....

In our coop it seems that we are always looking for something to snack on. My personal favorite is a piece of apple pie, I know, it's not the healthiest option, but hey I love pie. The go to snacks for the little chicks are bananas and cheese crackers. What's your favorite late night snack? And do you feel guilty for eating after 8pm?

A good read
What to eat
...I forgot about frozen blueberries...yum yum