Monday, July 9, 2012

Whole Foods Plant Based Diet - What am I going to eat today?

So the big question everyday is, "What am I going to eat?" I must say for as small as I am you would think I eat like a little bird, but no no, that is not the case. I love food. I mean I'm not super adventurous with my food choices, but if someone told me I couldn't eat I think I'd cry. (I actually did have a mini meltdown when I was told I had GD with my first pregnancy. I mean come on, you do not tell a pregnant women that she has to watch what she eats...especially a women who was craving ice cream 24/7)

On this new "lifestyle change" I can still have a bowl of cereal, or just has to be cereal that isn't loaded with sugar and the waffles need to be less processed.
One example of a great hot breakfast that I really am enjoying is oatmeal. Who knew oatmeal was so good for your body, and that it can actually taste good, if you put yummies into it.

Hot oatmeal
Mix in:
nuts, berries, and milled flax seed
Drink with:
Orange juice and non-dairy milk

I cheated today and had a "fake" chicken patty, on a whole-wheat bun, with spinach, sliced tomato, and humus.
For my side I had carrot sticks
My drink of choice is water

Bananas, apples, chips & salsa

My cheat:
Today's cheat was chocolate pudding (made with soy milk, but still, the sugar probably isn't the best for me, but hey I need chocolate)

Pasta with red spaghetti sauce and vegetables
slice of whole wheat bread - with a sliver of real butter (I know I know)
glass of soy milk

I know that this meal is not a complete meal, but that is okay. I am still learning. I take a multivitamin, and I know that I'm eating better than before, and moving forward is way better than snack cakes, white bread, hot dogs, and extra cheese pizza. One meal at a time!

New favorite recipe and informational blogs:
Oh She Glows

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cloth Funk...eww

What is that smell?? It smells like dirty barn mixed with nastiness.....

That my friends is what you get when you think your cloth diapers are clean, but in fact they are not. Really? Yes, the amount of detergent you have been using, or the ratio of water in the washer to the detergent may not be correct. But how can this be?! Based on many hours of scientific, aka blog reading, I thought I had it figured out.

Thanks to my mommy friends' suggestions I decided to change one variable of my wash routine, the detergent. I switched to Eco Nuts and I love them. Now, I love them because they work for me, and my water, and my washing machine, that does not mean they work for everyone.

This is my wash routine: I wash about every other day
About 13 diapers (mix of flour sack towels, prefolds, MF inserts, and Grovia soakers/3 or 4 covers/wetbag)
Large/Cold water/no detergent/max time reg. cycle
Large/Warm water/5 Eco Nuts- in their pouch/max time perm. press cycle - that has a second spin cycle included (NOTE: make sure you take the little pouch of Eco Nuts out of the washer when the cycle is done, they can sometimes "bleed" if left to sit--Aww you mean I can't start a load and go to bed....)
Dry on the line, or in the dryer with wool dryer balls and No dryer sheets

Don't go crazy trying to figure out what detergent you have to use. Remember, avoid super hot water, and super high heat, pick a detergent that is gentle and try to avoid optical brighteners (even Tide will do....gasp!), and good luck!

Check them out here: Eco Nuts

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